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Why I practice yoga

My mantra during finals week of my first semester of graduate school was “Namaste and I hope I get an A.”

This audio documentary explored exactly what “my yoga” was during that week.

A Learning Process: How Boulder Valley schools found strength through the floods

Hallway chair races, classroom dance parties, and group sing alongs. Morale boosters like these were the ingredients that helped boost the spirit of some teachers and students across Boulder Valley schools after floods poured through their classrooms in September.

“Some children donated their life savings – their piggy banks – to the Crest View fund,” Merlyn Holmes, a parent of a Crest View Elementary first grader, said. “They were aware that this was a big deal and they were really happy to have a school to go to and to help.”

When heavy rains and disastrous floods hit Boulder County in September 2013, they not only impacted educators all over Boulder Valley School District, but students as well. Teachers and staff were able to keep their cool, though. They not only handled the event well and managed problems as they arose, but they taught valuable lessons to their students along the way. Lessons like: how does a rain cycle work? Why is rain good for our planet and how could it be harmful in a flood? And maybe most importantly: how can we help our community?

This lesson wasn’t just one for the kids. It was one for the adults, too.

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G is for Gangsta

‘sup with all these white kids listening to gangsta rap? I tried to figure it out. Three 20-somethings who grew up in the suburbs of America explain why they love the genre.

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