My name is Lauren. I’m a coach, journalist and editor, and I’m passionate about helping people express themselves confidently in writing and beyond.

Since 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of employees from some of the world’s top global tech companies improve their writing and communication skills.


Formerly, I reported on-air for KINY Radio in Juneau, Alaska, and wrote a syndicated column for Oregon Sports News and The Oregonian’s Oregon Live about the yoga and wellness communities in Oregon and Colorado. I’ve also profiled artists and written about music, feminism and politics. You can find my written stories here, my photojournalism here, and some of my radio reporting here.

In addition to my journalism work, I’m also certified as an English as a Foreign/Additional Language teacher and trauma-informed yoga instructor, a background that allows me to provide meaningful and thoughtful feedback to everyone I work with.

​I received my Master of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and a Certificate in International Media.

You can learn more about and book my editing services here and writing coaching sessions here. You can also get in touch with me directly by emailing lauren.maslen@gmail.com.


Published Work

That’s What She Said

From August to December 2015, I worked on my master’s thesis and professional project in journalism: a project documenting what it meant to be a woman working in Colorado’s independent music industry in 2015. I wrote about my research, interviews and study into the topic on a regular, weekly basis (with corresponding mini tumblr posts) on the aptly titled blog, That’s What She Said. Have a peek below…

That’s What She Said blog

That’s What She Said (on tumblr)